Brazilian Butt Lift

Butts come in all shapes and sizes. Some of us are born with the derrière of our dreams while others are not. Gravity and age can also take a toll on the backside. A Brazilian butt lift is a surgical procedure designed to help restore lost volume to the buttocks.* One of the greatest things about a Brazilian butt lift is that it’s really like two surgeries in one since liposuction is almost always performed in order to harvest the necessary fat to transfer into the soft tissues of the butt. And when you enhance areas of the butt and re-contour your entire torso through liposuction, your waist could look smaller and your stomach might flatter.* Dr. David Sieber’s artistic eye allows him to customize each Brazilian butt lift for a patient’s individual body and needs, ensuring consistent, superior results.*

A Brazilian butt lift is able to improve:*

  • Size of your butt
  • Shape of your butt
  • Roundness of your butt

Quick Facts

  • Length: 2-3 hours
  • Anesthesia: General
  • Inpt/Outpt: Outpatient
  • Side effects: bruising, swelling, pain
  • Recovery: 1-2 weeks

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Brazilian Butt Lift Technique

Brazilian butt lifts are performed as an outpatient procedure. During the first part of your surgery, Dr. Sieber will liposuction fat from your problem areas, typically around the hips, back, and stomach which helps to further redefine your waistline.* Next, your fat is then transferred and strategically placed into the specific areas of the butt that need definition and volume. This could result in a rounded, lifted, and shapelier looking behind.*

Preparing for Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

As with any major surgery, all medications and supplements which cause an increased risk of bleeding should be stopped 2 weeks prior to surgery. Please see our list of medications and supplements to avoid. As always, make sure to check with your doctor before stopping any medications.

Recovery from Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

You will not be allowed to sit for the first 10 days following surgery so plan accordingly. Sitting directly on your butt may affect the “take” of the fat cells, meaning not as many fat cells will survive. This could adversely affect your results. You can expect a fair amount of swelling in your butt right after surgery, but this should start to subside within 48-72 hours. There will be extensive bruising and swelling in the areas where liposuction was performed, and you’ll need to wear a compression garment over these areas for the first 6-8 weeks after your surgery to help reduce the buildup of fluid underneath the skin.

Immediately after surgery, the more time you’re able to spend on your feet the better. You may resume light cardio 2 weeks after surgery and more intense exercise at 4 weeks. You will be released to full activities at 6 weeks post surgery. You should see your final results at anywhere from 3-6 months following surgery depending on how much fat was transferred.*


Q: I have a really flat butt. Will a Brazilian butt lift help give me more of a boost?
A: Brazilian butt lift surgery can not only enhance the shape, but it can also create a completely new shape to your butt if you’re unhappy with what you have.*

Q: I’m very thin and don’t think I have enough fat to transfer to my butt. Are there any other options?
A: Just like some women have silicone implants in their breasts, there are also formed silicone implants for butt augmentation. These firmer silicone implants work great in thinner patients to enhanced the shape of their butts.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. Editorial content, before and after images, and patient testimonials do not constitute a guarantee of specific results.


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*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. Editorial content, before and after images, and patient testimonials do not constitute a guarantee of specific results. All images feature models except for before and after images.

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