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Sieber Plastic Surgery offers different services for both women and men. Their services include non-surgical, reconstructive and cosmetic treatment options. The center understands that each patient is different and this is why each patient is treated differently.

Body contouring services

Everyone wants to feel and look their best. Taking proper nutrition and exercise is imperative for achieving the best body and to stay healthy. However, it is not easy to meet your fitness goals without doing something extra. After giving birth, it will not be easy for you to get back the body you had before giving birth. With the services available at Sieber Plastic Surgery, you can get back the body you had before giving birth.

The following contouring services will work on your buttock, waist and belly fat.

Breast enhancement services

There are different services that are offered for breast enhancement and they are performed as an outpatient service. They do not require a long period to recover from. After the procedure, it is still possible to breastfeed. Some of the surgical procedures are meant to increase the breast size with the use of fat transfer or breast implants; others are meant to reduce the size of the breasts by removing the skin, glandular tissue and fat. Some procedures are also meant to tighten the extra skin and to make the breasts look firm and youthful.

Facial enhancement services

Gravity and aging can take a toll on your facial structure as it happens with the entire body.  There are different techniques and surgeries that can make you look younger than you appear.  These services will work on your neck, mouth, cheeks, and eyes. Sieber plastic surgery services will ensure you feel beautiful and confident.

The facial services offered at Sieber Plastic Surgery are:

Plastic surgery for men

Nowadays, men also get plastic surgery because of cosmetic reasons. The plastic surgery done on men is different from that done on women. This is because men have a different physique to that of women. An example is how the facial skin of men has more blood supply compared to that of women. This means more bleeding with the surgery.

The common plastic procedures for men are

Non-invasive facial rejuvenation procedures

You do not have to always undergo a surgery if you want to get facial rejuvenation.   Sometimes you only need non-surgical treatments so that you can easily meet your aesthetic goals. The following are some of the non-surgical skin rejuvenation services that you can find at Sieber Plastic Surgery.

Nose procedures

The nose procedures help to improve the proportion and appearance of your nose.  Even if the shape of the nose can be a result of genes, the appearance or size may be altered by injury or an old surgery. Sieber Plastic Surgery understands the individual needs of patients and helps them harmonize their facial structure with the best-suited nose shape and size.

About San Rafael

San Rafael is a city found in the county of Marin in California. It is found in the North Region of the San Francisco Bay area. It is the best place to visit, especially over a weekend or if you want a longer stay. It is quieter compared to the neighboring cities of Oakland and San Francisco. When in the city, you can visit the cultural center, churches or the beach.

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