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Dr. David Sieber offers a plethora of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic as well as reconstructive procedures for the face, body, and breasts in San Mateo, California. At Sieber plastic surgery, you get the unique combination of individualized attention and Dr. Sieber’s advanced training and years of experience. He listens and understands your concerns and goals to customize a treatment plan that will help you achieve them. Some patients might require a surgery while others may not be ready for a surgery yet, and they are offered a variety of non-surgical options. You can get Botox, dermal fillers, fat loss and laser skin rejuvenation as some of the non-surgical procedures.

Dr. Sieber ensures you get natural-looking results that make you feel rejuvenated. No one will know that you underwent a procedure unless you tell them. He makes use of his extensive experience and artistic eye to ensure you achieve optimal results. During your consultation with Dr. Sieber, he will give you sound advice on which procedures, whether surgical or non-surgical, will be the best for your body type and goals.

Surgical body procedures

Weight loss is a great achievement for most patients. However, despite managing this difficult feat, you may still find that clothes do not fit the way you wanted them to or you are left with stubborn fat pockets in certain areas of your body. After massive weight loss, you are also left with excessive skin. Patients in San Mateo can get body contouring procedures that help them restore youthful contours by removing this extra skin and fat. The surgical body procedures in San Mateo include:

Surgical breast procedures

Countless women live with breasts they are not happy with. You may have been born with small breasts or pregnancy and breastfeeding may have decreased their volume. Many women also suffer from droopy and sagging breasts that may destroy their self-confidence. Whether you want to get implants, reduce large breasts, correct asymmetry or get a revision of a previously done augmentation, Sieber Plastic Surgery center can offer you the best results you will enjoy for years to come. The breast procedures offered in San Mateo are:

Facial surgical procedures

Age, genetics or other individual factors could leave various aging signs on your face. Patients suffering from wrinkles, fat on the chin or sagging jowls can benefit from various surgical procedures like a facelift and necklift to chin augmentation and eyelid surgery. Dr. Sieber knows how changing one element of your face can change the proportions of your entire face and he will offer the best procedure to help you achieve your rejuvenation goals. The facial surgical procedures available in San Mateo are:

Procedures for men

Men in San Mateo can benefit from the specifically designed procedures at Sieber Plastic Surgery center. If you are suffering from gynecomastia or male breasts, Dr. Sieber will use his knowledge in breast reduction and liposuction to help redefine your chest. Male patients can also opt for facial fillers and non-surgical rhinoplasty to get the look they always desired. Procedures for men in San Mateo include:

Non-surgical procedures

If you do not wish to undergo a surgery or if it is not the right procedure for you at this time, Sieber Plastic surgery center offers many non-surgical treatments for you to achieve your goals. Patients in San Mateo can opt for Botox, dermal fillers, Kybella, laser treatments, CoolSculpting, acne treatment and facials. These non-surgical methods offer customizable results. You can get these treatments in San Mateo:

Nose procedures

Your nose pretty much defines your appearance to others. If you are not happy with its size or shape, or if you have birth defects or have damaged or injured it, Dr. Sieber can help you with rhinoplasty. Septoplasty is another nose procedure which aims at correcting any breathing problems due to structural problems. You can rely on Dr. Sieber’s expertise for correcting a previously done rhinoplasty as well. Here are the nose procedures you can get at San Mateo:

About San Mateo

San Mateo lies to the south of San Francisco in California. There are more than 15 parks through San Mateo and Central Park is the main park which hosts community functions for the downtown residents. Another large park offering a skate plaza is the Beresford Park. Most of the parks here offer children’s play area, tennis courts and basketball and baseball. The Parkside Aquatic Park offers swimming and beach volleyball. San Mateo is about halfway between San Jose and San Francisco.

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