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Dr. David A. Sieber offers several surgical and non-surgical cosmetic and reconstructive procedures at Sieber Plastic Surgery in Richmond. The procedures offered at our center can help you rejuvenate the face, breasts, and body. We strive to give undivided attention to every patient so that we completely understand your body concerns as well as cosmetic goals before developing a personalized treatment to help you achieve natural results. If you do not wish to undergo a surgical procedure, we also offer a range of non-surgical procedures which are minimally invasive and when administered by our expert staff, give you stunning results. Some of these procedures include injectables, laser treatments, and medical grade peels and facials that offer you the desired rejuvenation. These are also great treatments for retaining your results from a surgery.

Dr. Sieber aims to help each patient achieve their desired results with the procedure that they have chosen. His years of experience and artistic eye for details helps him give you results that are stunning and yet so subtle that nobody will even know that you underwent a procedure. These consistently beautiful results have made Dr. Sieber sought after in the Richmond area. He is particularly known for helping women achieve the breasts they desire with the wide range of breast procedures we offer at our center in Richmond.

Choosing a Breast Procedure

There are several reasons why women see undesirable changes in their breasts including age, genetics, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and massive weight changes. These may lead to changes like deflated breasts, sagging skin and droopy nipples, loss of volume, or very large breasts with weight gain. Not only do these lead to changes in your appearance, but also physical issues like back pain (with large breasts) and bra roll as well as emotional issues like low self-esteem and confidence. You may have underdeveloped or asymmetrical breasts that you now wish to change. For all these changes and more, Dr. Sieber aims to help you eliminate the changes and give you perky and youthful breasts.

When you choose breast augmentation for increasing your cup size, there are so many choices we help you make, from the size to the kind of implant. Our center in Richmond offers the revolutionary Vectra 3D imaging tool that allows you to see what your results will be like. The tool makes use of 6 cameras that create a 3-dimensional model of your body; it can be used to reflect the changes in the image so that you can understand how the final results will appear. When you see the results with different implants, it makes it easier for you to make your choice for the augmentation surgery.

You can also get help with removing or replacing the implants you got from a previous augmentation that left you dissatisfied with the results. Some women also change their minds about the size and shape of their breasts after a few years, and Dr. Sieber is an expert at helping you achieve a new look.

Patients who have undergone mastectomy may opt for breast reconstruction to feel ‘whole’ once again. Once Dr. Sieber and his team evaluate your anatomy and check your future cancer therapies, we will be able to develop the best reconstruction treatment plan for you.

Here are the procedures you can choose from in order to achieve beautiful and youthful breasts that fit in with your body contours:

About Richmond, CA

Richmond is a city in the western Contra Costa county in California. It is one of the two cities that sits on the shores of both San Francisco Bay and San Pablo Bay simultaneously. Richmond has dozens of parks, national historic parks and 10 sites listed under the National Register of Historic Places. One of the oldest tunnels in California, the Ferry Point Tunnel gives access to many attractions and neighborhoods in Brickyard Cove including the Golden State Railroad Museum, the USS Red Oak Victory and several parks and beaches. Hundreds of private boats are accommodated at the Point San Pablo yacht harbor. There are several options for art, culture and leisure for visitors at Richmond.

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